About Kerry-Lyn Honey

Kerry-Lyn Honey

Kerry-Lyn Honey heads up the creative workshops at Hartspace with a deep passion for people and their self-expression. Her vast and varied experience, built on a strong academic foundation, allows for a depth of connection with her clients that serves to enrich beyond the confines of her studio.

Kerry-Lyn has been involved in numerous local, national and international projects, workshops, conferences and exhibitions throughout her career and has shared experiences with many other influential people within the arts.

To be in her workshops is to learn and improve; and to experience the joy of creating unique beautiful artworks – within a relaxed environment.

“I believe that creativity in all its varied forms, is an integral part of human life and I believe that we as living, feeling beings have in innate need to channel our creativity. I believe that through the creative process another aspect to mindful living (and relaxation) is realised, and a balanced life is more achievable.” Kerry-Lyn Honey